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Überblick: Mit dem Energiesparkonto haben Sie Ihren Verbrauch im Griff

At a glance: The iESA account allows you to observe your energy consumption. Whether it´s heating, electricity or use of a vehicle, the account helps you to analysis on how your energy usage develops.

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Beispielgrafik: So können Sie Ihren Energieverbrauch vergleichen

Check: The iESA account compares your energy consumption and costs to those of other households. This makes it easy to see where you stand in terms of energy efficiency.

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Das Ergebnis: Mit dem Energiesparkonto sparen Sie Geld und Energie

Savings in your pocket: The iESA account shows you exactly where and how you can best save energy. This pays double in the end. It provides benefits in your pocket and for the environment.

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The EnergyCheck App

Die EnergieCheck-App macht Energiesparen zum Kinderspiel.

Using the EnergyCheck App makes using the iESA account a breeze. Collecting energy data has been made quick and easy. And, there are many extra practical features available in the App.

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